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Miniplane Paramotor infographic
Paramotor for sale. The philosophy of a reliable mini-motor, combined with optimizing the resonance of the exhaust provides the pilot with the best possible experience.

The increase in performance of modern paragliders makes it possible to fly with almost one-half the power of a few years ago.

A little two-stroke engine, built with modern technology, can offer more than enough reliable power with much less weight. This makes the critical take-off run easier and safer.



Ready to fly?

The Miniplane/Charger With Training  Beginner’s Package!

Now you can have a complete package that is easy to launch and fly!

The Miniplane Paramotor is the lightest, most reliable and easiest to use powered paraglider on the market today! Choose from 2 models with your wing “the Charger”The Charger is a full-blood reflex paramotoring glider and was designed for a wide range of fresh, intermediate and advanced paramotoring pilots looking for relaxed flying. Easy launching and landing, a high amount of stability and a good cruising speed is what makes the Charger one smooth ride!

This package is the complete kit, ready to fly! Our Miniplane/Charger PPG Beginner’s Package includes one Miniplane Paramotor (includes harness), Charger, and a Stuff Sack for your wing – All you need to add is a helmet and training!

The package is suited to pilots whose weight is 220 lbs or less. The paraglider wing can be upgraded, depending on many factors. These wings work equally well for paramotoring and free flight paragliding. This package includes training as well. 

Miniplane PSF/Charger PPG Package –  $9,850.00

Miniplane ABM/Charger PPG Package – $10,500.00




Miniplane Top 80 PSF

In 1996 Per il Volo invented and produced the first harness attachment system to feature high hook-in points with low J-bar distance bars, called the PSF system.

Today it is the industry standard and often copied by other manufacturers world wide.

Available in either the M (115cm prop) or L (125cm prop).
An XL (135cm prop) is available for competition use.


Miniplane Top 80 ABM

The new 2007 Miniplane frame allows the use of the proven PSF system or optionally the revolutionary ABM system with pivot arms using a mid attachment point, in order to keep an excellent degree of stability, and at the same time allows for “active” pilot weight shift.

Experts that have test flown this system agree that it allows great weight shift ability without the instability found on previous systems by other manufacturers.

Miniplane Minari ABM

We now have the Miniplane ABM model with the Minari 180cc engine.

The Minari is an even larger and more powerful engine, allowing pilots with a larger build to experience the elegant simplicity of the Miniplane ABM Paramotor.

Tandem Instructors will also enjoy the extra thrust that this great motor will provide while still keeping the overall unit weight as light as possible for ease of use.



We are an authorized distributor of some of the best Powered Paragliding wings in the sport.

There is a huge selection available but we can help you sort through them to find the wing which will suit you best.

Check out these great manufacturers and their products, and when you’re ready contact us to order your ideal wing. 





We have tons of accessories available for you to purchase! Including: speed bars, transport boxes, rev meters and temperature gauges, as well as parts for your Miniplane Paramotor. Check out what is in the SHOP, or contact us for all your Miniplane needs.

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