Paramotor Gliders

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eden5-ppg Eden 5 – Feel the Performance! $3200.00

Are you looking for a paraglider that gives you confidence any day you want to go flying? The Eden Series has always made flying fun and significantly easier. The new performance features, handling and safety found in the Eden 5 will appeal to many pilots in search of the perfect XC paraglider. The Mac Para Team can ensure the Eden 5 will put a smile on your face.
Glider Eden 5 PPG

charger Charger – Performance Freedom Flying $3200.00

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The new Charger is a fun and safe reflex glider in the intermediate sport class. It’s a paraglider that will help you advance your skills and keep you enjoying the sport. The Charger combines speed and maneuverability found in higher level classes. Depending on the size you choose, this glider will put a smile on your face with its solid feel and comforting sportiness.Glider Charger


chronos Chronos – Passionate Performance $3600.00

The most modern paraglider to the join MacPara family, the Chronos has set the standard for all other advanced gliders to be judged. The Chronos is easy to launch and it’s a pleasure to maneuver in sharp turns. It comes with competition lines to reduce drag and increase glide performance resulting in great fuel economy. This glider is best suited for talented powered paragliding pilots looking for a more dynamic handling and maneuverable glider. Flying the Chronos ensures fun relaxed flights with an added boost of performance compared to the traditional intermediate paraglider.

blaze Blaze – High Speed Range $3800.00

The Blaze is a full reflex paramotoring glider that offers exceptional speed and stability. It is designed for advanced paramotor pilots looking for an easy to use glider with a wide speed range. The Blaze is not only the fastest glider in Mac Para’s arsenal, it also offers excellent maneuverability.

pitbull PitBull RX – Powered Racing Xtreme $3750.00

The PitBull RX is a specific paramotoring glider with extraordinary maneuverability.
Carefully selected reflex-semi-reflex airfoils, new technologies like Leading Edge C Rod Technology combined with RFE – panel reinforcement technology provide extra speed, performance and stability. The PitBull RX is an all-time favorite among experienced ppg pilots and it is ideal for all tasks of paramotoring competitions.

pasha4-ppg Pasha 5 Trike – Ultimate luxury flying saloon for two. $4100.00

The quintessential tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. The new Pasha 5 Trike is a superb tandem wing for use with a foot launch paramotor or a tandem trike/quad. The very easy take-off and great landing behavior of the glider is well suited for both commercial and recreational use. Its excellent performance combined with light and precise handling will delight paramotor pilots that want to travel with a passenger.

t-ride T-Ride – Trike Power Wheels $4400.00 

MacParas designer Petr Recek has seen the increasing need for a paraglider that is designed specifically for wheeled powered paragliding configurations such as trikes and quads. The T-Ride is a paraglider for heavier loads using wheels while offering the security and stability found on other MacPara’s gliders. The highlights of the T-Ride design is that is aids in fuel efficiency despite its great handling and safety.



As a world leading paragliding manufacturer, MAC PARA offers clients the special service of applying advertising logos to the canopy of your paraglider. The best results can only be obtained when the advertising is applied during the manufacturing process before lines are attached to the canopy and the cloth is clean without any wrinkles.

We pay high attention to material selection, ensuring that production quality is maintained at the highest level. Black, red, orange, grey, gold, blue, turquoise and violet are the available material colours for your advert, we can make every size of advert, but be aware of the increase in weight. Glider weight has a big influence on take-off characteristics. For this reason for many years we have used the light-weight cloth Skytex 40.

Please remember that by applying heavy advertising you change the behaviour of your glider. This is especially applicable to tandems. For the best results and minimising the weight, think about the size and proportion of your advert on the glider. The coloured material weighs 55g/m2, thus you can calculate the approximate additional weight and its potential effect on your flying pleasure, mainly during take-off.

For proposal and calculation you can send us an ordinary bitmap picture (jpg; tiff; gif; bmp) but for preparation for cutting we need your source picture or text in curves, the best for us is *.cdr (Corel) file format ( in curves !) saved in version 9. If this is not possible for you, we can transform bitmap to curves for extra costs.