Miniplane Paramotor Assembly

Miniplane Paramotor Assembly


Unfortunately, at this time there is no printed Miniplane Instruction Manual that comes with this paramotor. There are a few online resources below for assembling your Miniplane, and you are welcome to give us a call if there are any questions.



If you are in the area, we would be happy to meet with you and help you assemble your new Miniplane Paramotor. Included with your Miniplane is a small bottle of oil that needs to be added to the gearbox before use. Add 1/2 of the contents of the bottle (30-35cc, the remainder should be saved for your first oil change at at 10 hours) and cap the gearbox with the included breather cap and tighten gently.


As for fuel, we recommend the use of premium ethanol free gasoline (see Fuel Tips), mixed with a good semi-synthetic 50:1 2-stroke oil. The Walbro WG8 Carburetor is a 50:1 ratio OEM item off the shelf, so do not mix a lower fuel:oil ratio, even during break-in.


Diego suggests that an even leaner ratio is best for the Top 80 when using fully Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (see Fuel Tips again). The Articles and Tips to the left have been found to be helpful to keep your Miniplane Paramotor running in Top condition. Please send us any suggestions you may have to add to this resource at

Happy Flying!