Miniplane Moster Plus ABM

Miniplane-USA is pleased to present a new Paramotor!


Miniplane Moster 185 Plus Manual Start: $6450

Miniplane Moster 185 Plus Dual Start: $7150

We have now added the Moster Plus to the line of engines available on the Classic Miniplane frame.

The light and perfectly balanced Miniplane Classic Frame has proven itself over the years as a favorite for many pilots. Adding the Vittorazi Moster Plus engine is a natural evolution towards serving the needs of the community.

The Vittorazi Moster family of engines has become one of the most popular and trusted motors in the paramotor industry for heavier pilots needing a significant amout of power for their flying pursuits.

The Moster Plus 185 incorporates a clutch, and this is why we have chosen this engine for our lineup. We fell that the addition of the clutch is a significant step towards safety and versatility in paramotor engine design. Learn about the Dark Evolution, read more about the Vittorazi Moster Plus 185 below, then get ready to experience this awesome new Paramotor!