Ratings: PPG 3

Ratings: PPG 3 This rating builds on the knowledge and skills from the PPG1 & PPG2, only additional areas are included here. These are minimums. It is common to need 200 or more flights before attaining PPG 3 skill levels. The pilot should have a thorough understanding of the knowledge items required of those ratings. He/she should be able to judge and safely fly from any launch site within his skill level. Launches should be consistently successful with the ability to easily steer during the launch run as well as control the flight path immediately from liftoff.



PPG 3 Ground/General Requirements

1. Pilot uses good judgment and has a level of Maturity commensurate with the rating.

2. Explains characteristics of impending stall or spin and the recovery technique for each.

3. Explains how to shorten and lengthen flight distance by adjusting speed, height and the relationship of headwind/tailwind in doing so.

4. Explains how to maintain directional control during and correct for an asymmetric wing fold of 50% or more of the wing span.

 5, Has passed the USPPA/USUA PPG3 written exam and reviewed incorrect answers.


PPG 3 Flight Requirements (Launch/Landing/Inflation)

1. All landings are safe, smooth, on the feet, in the desired touchdown area and in control. 2. Consistently succeeds at 3 out of the 4 no-wind (0-2 mph) inflations/launches.

3. Good canopy control while doing turns of at least 20 degrees while on ground (FL) running or (WL) rolling with the wing overhead and under power.

4. Consistently makes 2 out of 3 power-on landings within 5′ of a target and into the wind.

5. Consistently makes 2 out of 3 power-off (from 300′) landings within 15 feet of a target and into the wind without falling.

6. Demonstrates smooth transition from descent to climb in a go-around maneuver while controlling the surge.

7. Demonstrates smooth, single-swing dampening of surges using throttle only.

8. Demonstrates smooth, single-swing dampening of left/right oscillations.

9. Linked 180° turns along a predetermined ground track showing smooth controlled reversals and coordination at various speeds, throttle settings and bank angles.

10. Demonstrates ability to use Trimmers and Speed Bar setup and use. (gives explanation if not installed on wing)

11.Significant asymmetric tip folds and/or big ears (25% each side, 50% total) or other canopy reduction method to increase descent rate.



PPG 3 Logged Flight Experience


1. 90 flights. It is common to need 200 or more flights before attaining PPG 3 skill levels.

2. 30 flying days.

3. Has had USPPA PPG2 rating or equivalent for at least 120 days.

4. 20 solo airtime hours. PPG 3 Limitations These recommended limitations are intended to provide a guide for those at this skill level to remain within their ability. Obviously there are other considerations before flying but this is a good starting point.