The full Powered Paragliding Package With Training


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The Miniplane/Charger With Training Beginner’s Package!

Now you can have a complete package that is easy to launch and fly!

The Miniplane Paramotor is the lightest, most reliable and easiest to use powered paraglider on the market today! Choose from 2 models with your wing the Charger. The Charger is a super stable, entry level glider that will give you the confidence to master the flying skills needed for powered paragliding.

line-1100THE CHARGER

Looks and Feels Good!

The Charger is simple to control on the ground and in the air. The safety in the Charger is best admired by pilots that are looking for a paraglider resistant to collapse. With this glider you can keep your eyes on the scenery instead of being worried about what’s coming next.  Flying the Charger you will notice immediately how well it is able to perform everything you need to enjoy the flight without feeling like your missing out.”


This package is the complete kit, ready to fly! Our Miniplane/Charger PPG Beginner’s Package includes one Miniplane Paramotor (includes harness), Charger glider, and a Stuff Sack for your wing – All you need to add is a helmet!

The package is suited to pilots whose weight is 220 lbs or less. The paraglider wing can be upgraded, depending on many factors. These wings work equally well for paramotoring and free flight paragliding.

The package comes with two options of Paramotor, to check out what you get with the Miniplane PSF/Charger PPG Package, check out this page…

Or to see what you get with the Miniplane ABM/Charger PPG Package, check out this page…

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Miniplane PSF/Charger PPG Package: $9850, Miniplane ABM/Charger PPG Package: $10500.00