Every year ,there are more and more paragliders and other ultralight aircraft in the air . During the flight on the late hours of day the paragliders are difficult to see ,that’s why we should take care more for our safety and be visible for other members of air traffic. The answer for it is innovational paramotor strobe light SKYFLAR. It is a professional strobe light dedicated to any type of paramotors. It is the smallest paramotor lamp on the market with the highest flash and visibility up to 5 miles at dusk! Handmade with the highest level of accuracy, waterproof and shock resistant.

The led lamp is composed of 5 led emitters with total power of 50W. The led emitters due to it construction emit a high luminous flux and during the work they release into the heat from the connector area. The led emitters are sunk in the resin and it makes the lamp waterproof and high impact-resistant. The structure of the outer wall makes the led lamp scatter light.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Power 12V DC 50W peak Color temperature 6500K Luminous flux 5000 lm Visible at dusk up to 8km (5 miles) !!!

The diameter of the led lamp is only 40 mm (1.57 inch), weight 100 grams.



Weight set : 215 grams.(7.6 oz.)

The led lamp does not interfere with radio waves.

The led lamp works with driver :ST-101. Drive ST-101 One work Mode Power 12V DC The flash frequency :  single flashes 43 per minute


Dimension: 50x50x27 mm (1.96×1.96×1.06 inch) Composition of a set led lamp driver ST-101 wires with waterproof connectors handle(mounting bracket) clamps – 10 pieces velcro tape.


Add a battery: Check them out here SkyFlar Battery

Gel AGM battery 12 V , 1.3 Ah with the case and charger. Working time with one SKYFLAR strobe light around 8 h. The battery can handle two strobe lights.





Attention : When buying please choose the length of wire for the led lamp (to install the hermetic connection). If we do not get the information , we will send the lamp with wire of 120 cm length ,with the waterproof connector to install by yourself . The max length of wire is 120 cm (47.24 inch). PRODUCT PROTECTED BY PATENT LAW

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.96 × 1.96 × 1.06 in
Sky Flare Plus Battery

Sky Flare & Battery