TrikeBuggy Bullet




The TrikeBuggy Bullet is our next generation PPG Trike inspired from designs that are both visually appealing and highly functional. This design is for the paraglider version only and is FAA Part 103 legal as an Ultralight Vehicle or Aircraft.

TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.2

TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.2

Current Version: TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.2 The TrikeBuggy Bullet version 3.2 is now ready! This is our latest design that features our new wider rear frame, which adapts to virtually every Paramotor available today! The new V3.2 lowers the Bullet Bars, giving the pilot better visibility and making it easier to get into the trike from above. PLUS – it features our new Stainless Steel SLIDER rear axle, making it even easier to transport the TrikeBuggy!

NEW!! – Now Available: TrikeBuggy Bullet “Stretch” V3.2 The TrikeBuggy Bullet “Stretch” Version 3.2 is now available for long legged pilots! This new addition to the TrikeBuggy Family includes the Extra-Long Front Downtube and Extra-Long Curved Tubes to add another 4″ of length to the TrikeBuggy. The Bullet’s frame is simple and solid. It is sleek and racy, giving the pilot a protective cage that will protect the pilot from contact with the ground in case of a rollover. The TrikeBuggy Bullet uses an incredibly robust Stainless Steel Kite Buggy as the foundation for this unique PPG Trike.

TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.2

TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.2

The new design allows the pilot to quickly dismount the motor for use as foot launch or to transport. The Bullet also quickly disassembles for packing away, and accepts our new EyePod Fairings as well as having it’s own accessories such as Bullet A-Assists and Intuitive Foot Steering System made specially for this new cage design. The Bullet also incorporates our latest innovation – the TrikeBuggy Low Hang Point System. This allows the use of virtually any paraglider whether it has trimmers or not. The risers are positioned much lower than most PPG Trikes, bringing the brake position down to a comfortable reach for even the shortest pilots. This system is unique in the industry, since it allows the pilots to use their regular paraglider without making modifications to it.

The Low Hangpoint System is also noteworthy because it literally ties the paraglider to the Buggy, eliminating the need for any kind of harness system. You simply sit down and fasten your seat belt and go fly! The low CG (center of gravity) is the same as the other Trike Buggies, since we are using the same low seat and comfortable reclined seat position made possible by the Buggy. At 7″ off the ground, this is the lowest pilot seat of any ultralight aircraft available today.

The Trike Buggy Bullet has one more distinguishing feature – it includes the Bullet A-Assists at no additional charge. These great accessories make the inflation of the wing a snap, with no input needed from the pilot! Simply hook up the A-Assists and watch your glider come up evenly every time (well almost!). The glider gets the best chance at a perfect inflation, since they always pull evenly on the A risers.

The TrikeBuggy Bullet is available in the Deluxe version and the “Stretch” version for larger paramotors (Parajet, Fresh Breeze, etc.) and now the Mini-Bullet for light paramotors (Miniplane, PAP, etc.).

Features: Made from Chromed Steel and Aluminum New “cage” design is more protective Includes new “Low Hang point” design Includes Bullet A-Assists! When assembled, the TrikeBuggy Deluxe V3.2 is 73″ long (tip to tip on tires) and 63″ wide, but the Slider axles can be shortened to less than 3 feet wide!