Vision To Promote, Enhance and Preserve the sport of Powered Paragliding Our hope is to “Promote, Enhance and Preserve the sport of Powered Paragliding” through the collective efforts of those who chose to participate. By combining our efforts there are some things that we can do more effectively as a collective whole than as individual parts or small groups. Our desire is for the vision to be molded…to and by those who call this sport theirs. It is an effort to increase our collective say in a non-ppg world and enhance the fun with things of our sport that are better done in numbers.



There is a vast pool of knowledge and experience amongst us that hopefully will be better tapped by such an effort. For example, there are likely some legal experts that could aid in efforts to secure sites… Or least the best ways to go about it. There are others who know about competitions, others who are trainers and can help in that area. The list goes on. What For? Hopefully many other useful ideas will come forward but these are some of the goals envisioned. Some would only be realized with heavy participation owing to the costs and need for larger numbers of folks. For example, a magazine (monthly or bi-monthly) would probably require at least 2000 full~ members to justify.

That may be quite a while but we gotta start somewhere! In the meantime the web would have to suffice. Providing standards Administering pilot ratings Insurance (if possible) Administering and sanctioning competitions Providing industry news Providing a magazine dedicated solely to our sport Disseminating safety information and accident reports Coming up with training material, tests and test standards There is no desire to restrict the sport or anyone’s freedom to fly where they chose. If anything it would hopefully be able to help open up flying sites by giving those in charge of them a standard to use for allowing people to fly. This effort is not meant to denigrate those of existing organizations in any way (USHGA, EAA, ASC, or USUA) but to supplement them with a group dedicated solely to our unique form of ultralight flight. Hopefully we’ll be able to work with these organizations in whatever way most benefits our sport.